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The current issue that will soon be on sale dealt with the problems related to teenagers and behaviour of parents. Research shows that money is the only motivating factor for mothers doing so many jobs while the children are neglected with social consequences. This magazine dealt with other isuues that include the way black women are exploited in acquaring ethnic foods, skin products and hair products that have got monopolistic suppliers that lack price control.

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Black Women UK Magazine is designed to deal with social, economic and political issues affecting black women and those of ethnic minorities. The issues include employment, education, housing, health and lifestyle.


The publishing of the magazine is as result of intensive market research that found out that current media do not give opportunity for black women to air their views or have forum to participate in discussing issues affecting them that include social, economics and political. The magazine empowers black women to be bold and discuss issues affecting them.

It acts as a forum and a linkage between black women, local authorities, the government and corporate institutions in solving various problems that affect black women and those of other minorities that include unemployment, low paid jobs they do, educational achievement of their children and if under-achievement to identify the causes and remedy. Housing issues,   health issues, teenage pregnancies, caring for the youths etc will be dealt with. 

BLACK WOMEN UK Magazine is not only a platform to address both economic and social injustices but commercial oriented. This is because statistics show that consumption pattern and expenditure of black people runs in billions of pounds annually but they take no part in these commercial activities. These include   ethnic food supply, distribution and sales that are dominated by Asian businessmen/shops and charge exorbitant prices that no one controls. Therefore the magazine stands as inspiration hub to help both adults and young blacks to reconsider the position they are in as well as creating avenue for business suppliers to reach the special target market. The magazine will as well give opportunity to young black journalists. Invitation has been made to every business to advertise while everybody have been invited to make editorial contributions as well as subscribing to receive copies of the magazine.

The magazine aims at black women from the ages of 16 and above. Black men and women from different ethnic groups will long to read the experiences that black women go through.

* The first issue dealt with teenage pregnancies and how it is related to poverty, overcrowding in homes, and how they relate to the financial situation of their parents. Research shows that the government has no policy to help these teenagers from poor homes, but rather it has a policy to re-house teenagers that become pregnant due to their parental circumstances. Re-housing the teenagers is fair but if the families have been given adequate support would reduce the problem and also reduce the cost for taxpayers.

* The issue of doing so many low paid jobs is critically reviewed. The major factor for doing these jobs according to our research is money. It becomes a question of conscience and judgement as to whether it is fair or not for a mother to leave the children alone for hours and days in pursuit of money as oppose to doing moderate jobs and having time to supervise the children as they develop to be teenagers. The society attributes the crime rate and teenage pregnancies to parental absenteeism at homes.

   Get a copy of Black Women UK magazine free by sending a self addressed A4 envelope with 1 stamp.

    You can read the magazine online by sending email for permission.

     Advertise in BLACK WOMEN UK for its quality because it deals with issues affecting most people.

   Women Running Business will soon be launched. The magazine promotes women and their businesses.

     Advertise in the magazine and get free publicity.

All women are invited to participate in Women Running Business magazine. This is because it encourages women not only to be a consumer but to think of what they can supply to others in exchange for payment.

Place your advertisements in BLACK WOMEN UK because it reaches women all over the world. Read the magazine, write and send your views. Telephone & fax: 0208 470 6985.  Email: rose@creatcomms.fsnet.co.uk

A new magazine to be launched "WOMEN RUNNING BUSINESS" business.htm


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Last modified: Tuesday July 24, 2012.